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About us

In 1999, we started to import NOS, Turbo and Supercharger kits individually from USA and Canada. Afterwards, we have participated Drag and Time-Trail races since 2002, with expanding our product range with camshafts, air filters and ECU software products and various engine modification parts In the continuation of the supply, we continued our adventure by bringing the best quality & durable and assembly-guaranteed products to the import and export of BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche group bodykit products through Taiwan, Germany, America, Lithuania, Poland and Denmark in 2015.

Import Export

As CarbonArt Automotive, we provide customs & freight and logistics support to Turkish and foreign companies that want to bring or sell products such as equipment, raw materials, etc. for any sector from abroad.

Especially for Turkish companies that want to import equipment or raw materials for production from abroad, but do not have sufficient foreign contacts and opportunities, from finding the product or equipment to factory visits, freight (container) reservations, customs procedures, storage of the product, internal transportation, logistics and installation stages of the equipment brought. We provide support as a package program.

We support many Turkish companies, especially in the fields of clean energy, solar panels, energy storage, chip production, carbon & kevlar raw material supply, organic food and beverage, which have increased their development and popularity in recent years.

Our Privileged Services

  • Bodykit

  • Carbon

  • Restoration

  • Stance

  • WideBodykit

  • Alcantara

  • Leather upholstery

  • Detailing  

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